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COBIS Benchmarking

Level up with the Best of British Education

Are you a parent with a child at a British International School? Ever wondered how your child measures up against their peers in the top UK schools?

Every parents wants the confidence their child is getting the best possible education, but when you're outside the UK it can be very difficult to know.

Our COBIS Benchmarking Programme provides the complete solution.

Our award winning 7-month programme is designed for Key Stage 2 (Year 5 and 6) students aiming to attain the level of the UK's top academic schools. We ensure your child has the capability to seamlessly transition into any British selective secondary school, whether overseas or in the UK.

The Gap Analysis

Our Gap analysis and assessment measures your child against 6 key criteria:

  1. Reading & Comprehension level
  2. Creative writing proficiency
  3. Mathematical skills
  4. Verbal Reasoning proficiency
  5. Non Verbal reasoning aptitude
  6. Critical Thinking skills

Launching soon with an introductory offer of just £89/month per child.

REGISTER NOW and give your child the opportunity to LEVEL UP!

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