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"Helping students prepare for school entry exams is at the very core of what we do!"

At Schools Insider we understand that the educational landscape is ever evolving and therefore it is critical to have clear insight into your child’s academic strengths and weaknesses.

We believe that all assessments should be certified and conducted by professionals. At Schools Insider we believe this is crucial and where Wide Range Achievement Tests (WRAT), come into play. These tests provide a robust framework to assess a student’s competencies in core areas such as reading recognition, sentence comprehension, spelling and maths computation, offering a detailed analysis to guide your child’s educational journey effectively.

Our renowned Exam Insider 11+ Master Programme stands as a beacon of excellence, with a legacy of helping countless students secure seats at many of the most prestgious schools in the country. The programme was crafted by an 11+ exam writer from the distinguished St Paul’s Girl’s School (undisputed as the UK's top-performing school academically) and epitomises educational mastery.

Building on the exceptional track record of our 11 Plus programme, we have established equally uncompromising standards of excellence for our 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and 13 Plus programmes also. Whilst also facilitated through guided learning, they retain a rigorous adherence to our proven 11 Plus methodology. This ensures a steadfast focus on honed exam techniques and strategic approaches, empowering your child to secure a coveted position at their dream school.

This confluence of expertise and understanding allows our teachers and tutors to deliver results not only superior in quality but also attuned to the nuances of high-expectation environments, ensuring a service that is discreet yet unequivocally effective.


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The first two questions almost every parent wants answered is, "What level is my child at now?" and "What do I need to start doing?" Our expert assessment service gives you the answers.
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Exam Insider 11 Plus Programmes

The UK's leading 11 Plus programme designed by teachers who write 11 Plus exams for top schools

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Exam Insider 7 Plus

Launching soon using the same approach as our signature 11 Plus programme. Register your interest now to be the first on board when we launch.
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Exam Insider 8 Plus

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Exam Insider 13 Plus / Common Entrance

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