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Amadeus Carnegie

Amadeus Carnegie

Amadeus trained as a Doctor at Cambridge University and holds an MA (Hons) in Zoology, but his passion for teaching led him to education.

He has over 3000 hours tutoring experience and has taught Maths in Kenya and Uganda.
Amadeus’s No. 1 learning ethos is about ‘Efficiency’, he’s made a specialty of helping students to study effectively and make the most of their time. 

His experience with dyslexia means he understands that different students struggle in different areas and he prides himself in noticing when a student doesn’t fully understand and explaining ideas from different angles until they do.

AMADEUS’S MOTTOMistakes are just proof you’re learning! 


Your experiences working with Schools Insider

Sherrie – Surrey

“Thank you Exam Insider! As a working mum I didn’t have the know-how or the time … on our own we would not have achieved our success!”

Sherrie - Surrey

Cristina – Surrey

“We LOVE the detailed, step-by-step explanation of every question!”

Cristina - Surrey

Layla – Berkshire

“Thank you – we couldn’t have done it without you!”

Layla - Berkshire

Perpetua – Middlesex

He didn’t even want to try and sit the 11+ … now he has a place at City of London Boys!

Perpetua - Middlesex

Frances – Surrey

My daughter said you were like a good book - and drew her in.

Frances - Surrey

Georgiana – Surrey

She hated verbal reasoning up until today. Total winner!

Georgiana - Surrey

Tracy – West Midlands

I like the idea the pack is addressed personally to my son, so he has ownership.

Tracy - West Midlands

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