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The Most Commonly Asked Questions About 11 Plus

When is The 11 Plus Exam 2023?

As the end of the school year slowly approaches, many students often will wonder about the next year and the challenges it will bring.

For students in Year 5, some will sit the 11 Plus exam at the beginning of Year 6. This may be a big affair for both the candidates and applicants involved; there may be questions and confusion for those involved in the process. Naturally, as it can be hard to sort out the dates and details, many are asking when the 11 Plus exam is.

The 11 Plus exam is typically sat during the first two weeks of September from the 1st of September to the 14th. Different grammar schools will have different dates within this period. It is strongly recommended to check on the school website, as dates are subject to variance.

While this may have given an extremely brief overview of the time range for the exams, it may be helpful to read on for more helpful information, a detailed timeline, and some advice too.

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